Military Black Box

Military Black Box???
So, I found a bunch of dead military men right outside my Evac shelter. Then further along, metal wreckage. And in the Wreckage, a Military Black Box.
So, how do I open it, and can someone please explain…

If you can find a system to analyse this you may find something of interest.

What system can analyse this?

Edit: Just walked along the road a bit. Found more wreckage, and another box. Jeeze… Am I feeling lucky today?

The so-called black box is what is more properly called a “flight data recorder”.

It’s not actually black, but orange or yellow, so it’s easy to find, and it’s not really a box, but a computer made from heavy-duty materials used to record flight data.

More to the point, it can be taken to a computer system within a lab to be analyzed; beyond that it has no real use.

Wikipedia entry.

Okay thanks.

Once, I’ve had a few boxes, in another game I had none but discovered a device or something similar that seemed to be useable for that. Maybe it gives out map data like bunker locations. Don’t know.

i believe its for an npc quest.