Melee, and Melee Weapon Skills don't go above 11

This has been the norm for a while now, but I feel it should be addressed. Why don’t any of these skills go above 11, while you can get all the Ranged Skills and Unarmed pretty much as high as you can?

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Does the increment above 10 in some skills break some mechanic ingame?

They used to be unlimited, but a cap was put in place because the devs don’t like anyone getting over 10. You need to find creatures with higher melee/dodge skills to be able to get experience, and since most creatures in the game have <10 you end up getting incredibly low amounts of exp for your melee skills. Try fighting things in the mines, or letting soldier ants attack you for a few days and you can get dodge higher than 15 if you try. Melee itself is far harder as you kill your exp sources.

Ranged weaponry is capped based on dispersion of the weapons, which have a hardcoded minimum, so those seem to stop around 17 or so, though with effort you can get them a bit higher.

The goal of the devs was that 10 is supposed to be the maximum, but some skills can get around that due to their nature of being incredibly commonly used (mechanics, survival, driving) while others just get more experience due to larger values, leading to a higher cap.

That sucks. I want to be able to further improve my skills. I don’t necessarily want it to be easy, but I want it to be possible.

Yep, that was why I disliked it when that was added in as well. Only way to keep improving is to change the code for the ranged, and to mod in harder enemies for melee. (meleeskill and dodgeskill IIRC are the values you want to increase)

The ranged skills going higher is the bug.
The engine is set up to work in the range 0-10, if the numbers go above that, they stop making sense.

If anything, it’s way too easy to reach peak skill.

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That’s unfortunate, especially because I’m trying to get my Mechanics to 14. Hopefully someone will make a mod for people like me. Though I disagree with the part where it doesn’t make sense; a few games that have a skill level system can have you go beyond “Human Maximum”. You’re just considered a higher level of expert. Perhaps diminishing returns could be implemented beyond maximum?

Shadowrun and Dwarf Fortress come to mind.

Mixed experience with this. It all comes down to luck. Combat Skills? Sure. Other skills, not so much, unless you find the right books. Then it’s just a matter of time.

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I think his point is that the engine isn’t designed to work with numbers above 10, and they stop making sense mathematically. e.g it tries to lower a number below 0.

Well, with Stats Through Skills they don’t stop making sense, so…

Skills, not stats. Stats work fine above 10, skills do some odd things.

I am talking about skills. They make be useless and odd above 10, but they still contribute to rising my stats.

Alright, fair, but i don’t think that’s intended behaviour.

Nothing about stats through skills is intended behaviour, every version of it is horrifically broken.

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Eventually stopped using it, after it didnt increase my stats when gaining skills. Tried very bad day, that takes forever for all the confirmations of the hallucinations, even when on Debug life support.

Perhaps just switch to Freeform. Mostly its about introducing new players to C:DDA anyways