Medical Experimentation (and the ramifications thereof. heh heh...)

Heyho folks.

Just got this idea from the diseases thread so I may as well put it up.

Medical research in Science labs and hospitals. You’d have to read up on stuff, then use stuff lying around in the hospitals or labs to create your very own abomination!
or maybe graft a new limb on, or perhaps cut an old one off. If the hospital or lab in question is short on experimental drugs or… parts… You’d have to go out and find
make procure your own. I think someone stated something about adding in limbs and gibs to destroyed/butchered enemies, so this could be another feasable use for it. With a low first aid skill and intelligence you’d be more likely to amputate your face and such, but the way I see it is this:

In labs/hospitals, add in an ‘experimental medical research’ terminal with an operating room nearby or linked to it. Said room would have a surgical table, maybe a dissector and some strange machinery. Also it should be filled with blood splatters. Metal walls, metal door, metal floor-- an airlock as well maybe.
Once your first aid/computers/electronics skill is high enough, you could amputate/graft limbs onto yourself or your proposed target. Better yet, allow us to lure or knock out prey and drag them to the operating room. After a certain point you could even remove or add in new organs to yourself or your target. A new heart, a few extra lungs-- a non-diseased brain (I think we all need one of them, lol.) and such. At the zenith, you could maybe get a perk to help installing bionics or something, and be able to create a frankenstein type monster of your choosing.

however, hospitals and labs would only stock the absolute bare minimum for any kind of experimental operation.
You’d have to go out and harvest organs from the local undead wildlife to generate new serums and drugs. better yet trap them and use them as ‘live’ test subjects.
Just so you could be even more of a complete monster than most cata survivors. Break into a police station or military outpost? Blow up the local gas station? Burn the neighborhood to the ground and throw beartraps into the children’s playground? Why not add horrific medical experimentation to the list. :smiley:

Hmm… You have obtained +1 Good idea.



I’m game. I want my own personal pinkie.

I want to create a monster that, when butchered, gives cocaine and cocaine accesories.
I dont want to create a simple rabbit with a few more… lungs or legs. Whats the point of it?
I would love to actually play with monsters and animals’ ADN and actually be make zombies with milk-full tits. Fucking strange game (not this one, of course) giving me strange fetishes

I haven’t played monsumo quest, one or two. This makes me concerned about playing it in the future.

I haven’t played monsumo quest, one or two. This makes me concerned about playing it in the future.[/quote]

… I’ve played both monster girl quest one and two. It’s actually pretty good.

Play a porn game, stay for the plot.
It’s actually better than most other games out this year.
Also you should be concerned. Would you prefer to be raped by a ghost/plant/cat/fox/yukionna/oni/lamia/dragon/loli dragon/sandworm/cow/goblin/etc-girl? well, you don’t have much of a choice in the matter as it is. Seriously that’s not even one tenth of them. A lot of them are stamp-art (aka, all the faces look the same, maybe some changes to hair and such etc) but there’s a significant amount that aren’t.

Also I’m kinda sad at the lack of inflation in it. There’s practically every fetish known to mankind, but precious little, if any inflation. And they shove in vore? really?

I dont want to create a simple rabbit with a few more... lungs or legs. Whats the point of it?
To become even more of a complete monster yourself, of course. we can keep a tally of how many genetic abominations you've created. Eventually karma might kick in and they recombine to hunt you down. Nah, but I'm sure we can fiqure out how to make some kind of radioactive cyberrabbit to set loose on the horde.

If we made it possible to install bionics on our creations, we could have all kinds of “FUN”.

Who wants to give a squirrel a triffid a fusion blaster arm?

forget pimp my ride, think more pimp my dog. a dog with a fusion blaster and an mp3 player pumping out tunes would be a great companion.

For some reason I thought of Monty Python when I read this.