Marked items?

for some reason my crowbar is a marked crowbar and im not sure what it means by “marked”. any help?

It’s slightly damaged - not sure if there is any way of repairing them atm

are you sure? because i have marked items that i have never used at all.

Pretty sure - often when I pick up my arrows after dropping a few Zs some of them will be marked, or scratched, sometimes dented, particularly if it was a spitter I was fighting (I swear I lose more metal arrows to those things than anything else)

Speaking of spitters, their acid can also damage worn and carried items, particularly if you don’t immediately move after being spat at

I never get any dommage on my weapon with spiter or whatever even when i stick into acid. Only item at ground get dommage (don’t forget that acid rain is make of ACID so don’t drop item outside if you won’t to loose it)
ATM it does nothing if your weapon/tool get dommage.
just find another before you loose it (but, it will take ages to loose it anyway, just annoying if you want to stack it in your inventory)