Mapgen Explorer

Good work so far!

Some feedback I have after using it for a bit:

  • Furniture needs to be moved to a separate tool
    The amount of furniture needed for a reasonably complex building makes the dropdown box super unwieldy.
  • To add to that, an icon based palette rather than the current dropdown box would significantly improve workflow, again, the thing just gets way too cluttered. The dropdown in general is just very difficult to use.
  • Tools for adding items, item_groups, vehicles, monsters, and NPCs
  • Multi-tile furniture sprites tend to connect to things they shouldn’t be (floors, walls, other furniture)

Here is the version 0.4 that introduces (among other things) the “auto-reload” feature”:


The idea is for the mapper (i.e. you :)) to use your own external editor.

Here is the git, the release, and the changelog.

_Fuji. What about a separate window showing the palette in a table (like Excel) and with the following columns: The symbol (e.g. “t_concrete_wall”), the tile (as an image + sprite id), the mapped character (e.g. “X”), the layer (e.g. “terrain”, “fourniture”, “trap”), and the number of occurence in the current mapgen. In addition, the user could sort and filter any entry according to any column.

That would definitely be better.

The main reason the dropdown doesn’t work is that there’s just too many things in it to get a good idea of what you’re working with, even if you split up categories. For example, the overmap I’m currently working on has about 60 tile definitions to sit and scroll through. (there’s actually 90 in the list, due to furniture definitions on floors other than the default fill tile getting duplicated.)

Here is the version 0.5 that introduce the Palette Viewer and the Json Formatter.

The git, the release, and the changelog.


This should make it easier to manipulate the tiles :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

I like it :+1::+1:

Just one more issue. Because of how furniture with non-default floors works, terrain definitions that also have a furniture definition need to get culled

Okay. This is/will be in the next release :slight_smile:

Anything else you have in mind that could improve the editor usability? Like some cumbersome actions that you are repeating a lot, or hard to notice common mistakes.

A “publisher could not be verified” message appears when downloading the windows64 executable.

Only bug I could find is the tile defined by the “fill_ter” tag not appearing in the terrain listing.

Apart from that, allowing the coordinate tool to give rectangle coordinates would speed up special placement a bunch. Or just tools for the different item/monster/vehicle spawners.
Item_group placement or example:
“group”: “elecsto_diy”,
“chance”: 60,
“repeat”: [ 4 ],
“x”: [ 10, 15 ], <- Defines placement rectangle
“y”: [ 14, 12 ]

There are 4x duplicate entries in palette explorer bike_shop:

Is it due to rotation variants?

The version 0.6 that introduces a better “coordinate selector” tool and solves the bugs you guys reported (thanks by the way :slight_smile: )

As always, here is the git, the release, and the changelog.

BorkBorkGoesTheCode, I am not signing these binaries. This might be the reason for this error (or warning message?). In case of an error, does the .jar version works? (The last option is for you to compile the source code :stuck_out_tongue: )


Bothering me for a while:


Hi, I got this error trying to run the tool:

This just work with ChestHole tileset? How can i change it?


EDIT: Sorry, my mistake… doesnt work with 0.E, just 0.D

Thanks for the heads up :).

I made a new release (v0.7) compatible with the last version of the game (tested on build 10478).


I’m surprised and pleased. Will need to test this out.