Mansion basecamp

I was so happy…
Why remove that? Can someone tell me whats happen?

So, we’re very very very close to releasing a new stable, 0.F.

This means that we’re very restricted as to what we’re merging into 0.F - but, we’re still merging some PRs that aren’t fit to go into 0.F into a different branch for the 0.G experimentals.

The PR merging the mansion basecamp was accidentally merged into 0.F. Unfortunately, that cannot stay because it adds new strings (bringing our translations out of date) and various other things that we’re too close to a release to allow. So, it was reverted. There’s a PR to revert it’s reversion, and merge it properly into the 0.G experimentals.


Sorry to bother you again but I m curious about the approximate release time of that 0.G. I ask because normally I download from Jenkins and after is fall just discover the link to ghitub few weeks ago.
In less words: approximate release time and link to the file.

Probably within the next week. It will look very similar to the releases currently available from the releases page, 5hose are the release candidates.

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