Makeshift furniture stuff. Chairs

Currently the most you can do with furniture is grab it and shift elsewhere, to slow enemies with climbable tables and block with impassable shelves.

In real life its entirely possible to flip table/desk to turn it into a makeshift waist high barricade, tilt a shelf over so it becomes an impediment to whoever follows you or use chair as a makeshift weapon/armor/storage all in a few seconds. If you have a couple minutes you could stack some desks, chairs or tables together to form a much better barrier.

  1. Desk/table flipping should be really easy to implement. A flipped variant of a table/desk tile or something, activatable by ‘e’. Effects could be something like making it harder to move across, added defense for those standing in it - especially from non penetrating projectiles like boomers bile or from leg attacks.
  2. Flipping the shelf should perhaps create two tiles of fallen shelf furniture? Impedes movement and not much else but is extremely fast to create so you can run through a library and leave a trail of slowing terrain behind.
  3. Add makeshift barricade furniture constructed from several items of other furniture? Like, 200kg total weight of whatever furniture, piled up in a single place. Currently only way to make barricade is to build one with planks and nails.
  4. Chairs. It is currently possible to deconstruct and wield chairs but it takes 10 minutes to do so. You can’t just grab a random chair and brain the Z running behind or throw it at em, you have to spend 10 minutes fiddling with not sure what, as it requires no tools. Once you receive the chair-item its also surprisingly horrible as a weapon with no bonuses at all. The wooden chair I deconstructed in prisons canteen weights 12kg. I googled and a solid wood dining chair weighs about 7kg. 8kg if its upholstered.
    A chair is a pretty complexly shaped thing that can be used in a lot of ways. You can throw chairs. You can wield chairs and smash em over someones skull. You can put your head through the backrest in most of chairs and voila - you have a wooden chestplate with protruding spikes! You can even pull a tshirt over chairs legs and get a backpack, just needs something for straps.
Chairpack IRL