Make NPC read and stay in place

In my latest game, I recently got my first NPC companion, and have been having him read skill books while I do things around the base. However whenever he finishes reading he comes over to my workspace. I could have him stay in place by telling him to guard, but that prevents me from setting his activity. So is there a way for me to get him to read books, while still staying in an arbitrary square?

I vaguely recall I could do something like this with a faction camp, but I don’t have one set up, so that’s out for a while yet. Any way to do it in an arbitrary location?

As far as I know you have to manually reassign the reading task each morning and after each chapter read.

If there’s a way to use a faction camp to get the buggers to keep reading I haven’t found it.

And yes, the morons come running in the path of the vehicle when returning to the camp.

did you try “don’t investigate sounds” option? it’s somewhere in behavior rules dialogue.

They’re not investigating the sound, but trying to enter the vehicle while it’s moving in their direction at a comparatively high speed, so it’s a “join up” behavior.