Major Complaint (not really, general kudos thread)

The nerve of you guys

updating this game with all this new crap after I’d kicked this addiction
right when a new GTA comes out that I spent $60 on.


Seriously though, it’s great to come back and see how far this game has come. Everything is awesome and melding really well with itself. Sprawling megacities, a slew of martial arts styles, a long list of professions, new stuff, new recipes, bug fixes and streamlining all over the place.

sniff It’s glorious. Keep up the great work. I’m happy for my tiny role in educating/exposing people to the game and hope to pick it back up again soon.

Hugh Griffin rides again!

Lel. Welcome back, person I’ve never seen before!

Hey… I remember you!


Never been too active on the forums so I’d be sorta surprised if anyone knows me from that. I’m not a big deal I just wanted to thank the devs.