Lost myself on the SCREEN

several times i got YASD screen. YADS “FOR NOTHING”.
I died and died because he could not immediately find yourself on the game screen.
how? Well, for example, I was standing near the fire. after i AFK away from the computer for my business, well, for example to eat.
and when I go back - a long time sometimes i can not find my @ on the game screen.
what can I do - is starting to look for the @ movement on the screen. and flickering ASCII characters (especially those who represent the fire) is that the i blindly go into fire. YADS :frowning:

maybe can somehow ease the process of finding yourself on the screen? tile graphics do not want to use. lost the beauty of roguelike’s.

and - whether in search procedure yourself on the screen even invest procedure redraw the screen? it is necessary due to the fact that after switching to another task and then return to the game screen turns black.
I certainly found the half-measure to combat this scourge - go into craft screen (shift-F7) and escape from it - and voila - the main gamescreen is redrawn.

it would be nice if both @-Searcher redraw the screen.

Well, its always in center of the screen.

You could also use View command V-key I think. It draws line from your character to anything you are looking at.

Look at command x-key also starts from your character.

well, ok. thanks.

yeah, I always just hit X. you can move the cursor around the screen without actually moving your character and the cursor starts on the same tile as your character.