Lore: Cathedrals, Churches and Graveyards

While working on my PR which remodels the strange cabins basement (the goal for the “get me an etched skull” quest), I basically had to reverse engineer the lore for this one. But now I am wondering, what is there in general about the lore regarding cathedrals, churches, graveyards etc.?

In Minor strange cabin basement overhaul by NetSysFire · Pull Request #57869 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub I did some reverse-engineering and the tl;dr is: The basement was hastily dug out and humans were tortured to death and sacrificed. The Church of Starry Wisdom, as the NPC mentions in their quest, is a cult and investigated by the catholic church.

They appear to have at least a crude hierachy. The only other thing I could find is occult_glimpses, a book.

The lore of this particular “faction” is cut-off and incomplete. Should this be rewritten so it is not that big conspiracy but a lone cult? Or should this be extended?
In any case, I think there should be at least some hints about why there are blank bodies and other horrors in the cathedral basement. This would potentially connect the church to the labs, which may or may not be desired.

There was something called blob psychosis that affected most people a few months before the cataclysm. Basically made everyone extra aggressive and generally crazier so I would say that it should be completely reasonable for some small cult to form during this time.

Seems like a lone local cult to me. But that doesn’t mean a small number of members. Could even evolve into a faction later on.