Larders packing and the old west

so maybe this belongs in the garage but why is there a wooden barrel for liquids but not solids? most food taken in long drawn out treks was simply packed in wood barrels usually with other food (eggs packed in corn meal, back fat salt bacon packed in bran and so on)
often this would keep for much longer when they packed in molten fat because the sun couldn’t melt through making an airtight seal (I know we discussed potted meat and pemican a while back not sure if anything came of it but the same idea applies)
more just looking from a fluff or lore perspective it was easy enough to mod even if the texture tile breaks

I like this idea. Have it so packing food in mutant lard taints the food. Could also be fun to have a morale debuff for eating a hamburger that is covered in lard, haha.

I mean, I’m not sure how many of you have just eaten lard before, but speaking from experience it’s quite unappealing…

nobody eats just lard most people melt it down into a grease like substance that can be used in place of butter
and I’ve tallow before it was kinda… eh. the hardtack had a better flavor but the tallow involved less chewing