Just another bug report

Just letting you know that I had another crash today

It happend on a dfe1754 version
I was just hanging around in a house, at night, had nothing to do, so I put a pack of raw spaghetti in a sink, and lit it up, to have a light to read (lol), and then, after ~2 turns, game crashed (“terminated in an unusual way” or something)

what? you put spagetti in the sink and lit it on fire?

Yes, I burned it
Are you asking because due to my crappy knowledge of english language, I did some spelling mistake, or because it’s just nonsense?

It’s kinda nonsense.

When you say about 2 turns, would that be before or after you started reading, and what were you reading?

before I started reading

This is hilarious! :smiley: I love it! This makes me to try to play an unusual way.

Is this how you make “mom’s Spaghetti”?

GEZawaTT, is it reproducible on your build?