Just a silly development idea (Kickstarter suggestion)

Since this is very much a freebie game i cant imagine the guys working on it can work as much as they perhaps feel they would need to. Perhaps they would like to dedicate more time or even get someone else to finish up another area for them like a tileset. I think there should be a small kickstarter fundraising to either outsource some part of the work or compensate the existing developers so they can hopefully make faster progress.

Do anyone else think this is a good idea?

Nope. put perhaps a donate button.

No this is a bad idea there are a few rougelikes that use kickstarter to hold updates hostage

They expect money for bug fixes. SOMETHING IT SHOULD ALREADY NOT HAVE.

Id like to clarify that i never intended it to be for the entire project. Its just that by the sound of things the people working on this is forced too thin and need some help. A good example would be how they asked for help in making the old tileset compatible with DDA. Its not that large of a sideproject but since i dont have the knowledge to help i could perhaps throw in a penny to hire someone else to do it. In this case the developers dont even need to be involved just handed the end product so they can include it.

Another thing that could perhaps be of interest is more AI behaviors for NPC’s and monsters.

It’s not that we’re spread too thin to do it, it’s just that none of the active developers are interested in tilesets. The issue with asking for money is that like 99% of the code is still Whales’ work, so it’d be a bit off to be profiting from it. And then you have the issue of dividing any money up, we have a ton of people who contribute work to the project.

Whales doesn’t exist anymore. -whisper- You can keeps all the moneyz darkling

I am not interested in paying you, only to improve the game. Of course you know about this more then i and since you dont think throwing money and/or credit cards at the problem will help i will just have to trust you.

If you wanna help the game grow, spread the word to people you think would be interested. The larger the player base is, the more chance there is of individual people contributing content.

Other than suggestions I couldn’t mod a rougelike to save my life ;.;

And thats why you find friends.

I wonder what some major You Tube people might think of this game…

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I meant thats why you find friends to play the game. sorry if people thought i was saying the dude had no friends…

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[quote=“GlyphGryph, post:14, topic:341”]That wasn’t a response to you, that was me editing his post because it was basically just disparaging people who play other games.

I should probably come up with a proper set of moderation practices at some point…[/quote]
Is it bad thats all you see when you read youtube comments though ;.; I am being suppressed, viva le revelution?

Moderation practices are the rules meant to limit ME, not the user base. :wink: The user base has been chill.

Back on topic, personally I have no intent of doing the kickstarter thing or the donation thing. Hiring people is a headache and seems like a recipe for resentment among those contributing for free. Donations might be possible in the future, after we get proper tile support, as that’s the point where I intend to make a publicity push and post some ads around, and I could see running such a program from a donation pool (in addition to server costs or whatever, though at the moment we seem to be surviving just fine on my personal plan. A publicity push could very well change that, tough!)

Well I actually found this game through jefmajor, though he isn’t nearly as big as other people on Youtube, I enjoy his content.

That being said, the development of this game doesn’t really seem to fit with Kickstarter, if they did a Kickstarter then they would have to deal with all the different tiers of “rewards” and whatnot, also doesn’t ks take a cut of the funding?

Accepting money on a project like this, where there is many people contributing, seems like it would start more problems then help.

Aye, will do. Though I don’t really know anybody who is into rougelikes, let alone somebody who is interested in coding for one.

Your username made me laugh.
I also found the game through Jef, I played the original Cata but I thought it was abandoned and stopped playing.