[json] need use_action tag that requires an object nearby

I don’t know if there’s one already, but I have a new item I want to make, but some of it’s use functions need to be dependent on the existence of nearby items.

It won’t be transforming the other items, it just needs to know if they’re nearby. something like the “need_fire” tag, maybe something like this?

“need_item”: “char_kiln”,
“menu_option_hide_missing_item”: 1,

For context it’s related to a request Kevin put in, I’m thinking about making a custom sheathing kit that you can turn into a sheath for a sword you have but I don’t want there to be a bajillion recipes or menu options showing up all the time.

Holster’s already cover small knives and stuff, isn’t there something for medium/large blades?

P.s. why would a sheathing kit need a kiln? You could require a needle+thread instead.

Sounds like I wasn’t clear.

Firstly the sheath wouldn’t need a kiln, that was just a usage example.

Secondly Kevin’s request was that he didn’t like that sheath’s are universal and wants them to be reworked to something more realistic (it’s too unbelievable for some that a scimitar and a rapier share the same sheath for example)