Json for a beginner

I’m new to this site but not to CDDA reddit so move my post if I post it in the wrong section as I’m not familiar with this .I’m a beginner to Json programming and watched MurderUnicorn short tutorial series on Youtube but it feels like I’m just scratching the surface and I’m wanting to learn more about it so I can help make new content and mods and help the devs. Currently I’m experimenting making a monster with different special attacks but I’m making errors and it won’t load in the mod. Could someone experienced correct my Json? There’s something I’m overlooking.

“special_attacks”: [
{ “id”: “grab” }, [ “SHRIEK_ALERT”, 20 ],
[ “SHRIEK_STUN”, 1 ],
{ “id”: “scratch_humanoid” } ],
{ “id”: “feral_weapon_pipe” },

“special_attacks”: [
{ “id”: “grab” },
[ “SHRIEK_ALERT”, 20 ],
[ “SHRIEK_STUN”, 1 ],
{ “id”: “scratch_humanoid” },
{ “id”: “feral_weapon_pipe” }

I just moved ‘]’ to include the last object.