I've been busy again

Hey all. Thought I’d share a bit of a PSA that, if you’ve been playing or thinking of playing Friends to the End scenario, our boy Liam has been getting some heavy updates to the tune of a few thousand new lines of JSON support. Most of this is contextual dialogue, where you can ask him what he thinks about missions you’re on. He also has unique lines if you decide to just chat to get the morale boost. I’ve got dialogue for around half the missions in game now, and am adding more (hub and godco are the major missing ones, plus a bunch of random bits here and there).

Hope you enjoy. Thought I’d let you all know since the dialogue can only be accessed while the mission is active and then is gone forever like tears in the rain

(I’ve also done some fixes to good old Isherwood farms, but that’s not quite done yet)


Looking for feedback on the new labyrinth structures?

any time yeah! Did you check out the alpha version?

I’ve currently got the latest release. Hoping to stumble on it and see what’s up blind. Will let you know how it goes!

It’s spawned by talking to Rubik?

it is, but the PR isn’t merged, so to test it you’d have to specifically download the files out of the PR, or merge the PR into your local branch if you know how to do that. Then you have ot add it to your mods list, and talk to rubik.