Items not spawning

experimental not sure if its caused by updating the build but no items are spawning anymore.

I’m using 0.9-1299-gcee7809 to try and item still spawn.

Did you changed into the option of your world the rate of items spawn ?

no but i did transfer the save up a version there might be a save compatibility issue.

Me too, I just updated from build 213 to build 219 and suddenly nothing spawns in any building.
I just bring the save file, option, and keymap from folder to folder.

Huh. Might try a world reset/regen? I know that when I tried to use the item-scale slider on an existing world it gave me zero spawns. On a fresh world, it worked fine.

Open up save//worldoptions.txt, and add

somewhere (adjust it to your liking; 0.1 min, 1.0 max, lower values mean fewer items spawn). This won’t affect places you’ve already been, but items will spawn again in new places you visit.

possibly fixed by