Items apparently flooding my entire map?

So. My game has been working fine and all until I recently updated via the CDDA Launcher. It’s been working swell for years. But recently, if I go into a new world and spawn in, Bubblewrap is literally everywhere and it infinitely spawns in. The ENTIRE map , while not visible, is just Bubblewrap.

The entire map is flooded with Bubblewrap. As showcased here.

The same thing also applies when in Defense Mode, except with Raincatchers. (Which is the main reason I noticed this, since from my knowledge, Defense Mode is buggy and unfinished so I ignore it typically.)
Since this may be needed, here’s a list of mods I use.

Tall Buildings
Add Bandits
Medieval and Historic Content
More Survival Tools
Parks and Rec Building Pack
Classic Roguelike Classes
Vehicle Additions Pack
Tanks And Other Vehicles
ZSFixed_C:DDA Extra Professions + Scenarios
Craftable Gun Pack
Crazy Cataclysm
Folding Parts Pack
Icecoon’s Arsenal
Extended Buildings
Filthy Clothing
More Craftables
Huge Vehicles
Classes And Scenarios Mod
More Locations
Extended Realistic Guns

As a note, I’ve been using the same mods for about a couple of months now and updating regularly and I’ve never had any other issues but this started to happen around a week ago, on the 20th Of March, 2017. So any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: I am currently on Build #6358 Windows 10, Windows x64 Tiles Version 0.C-21858-g9ed9a262eb .

You hear pop!

Now that sounds addicting.

I suspect that one of the mods has trap (re)definitions and our trap initialization functions don’t handle that well.
I’ll add more aggressive checks - it should help locating the bug or at least warning modders that it exists.

Cool. Well. If you need any more info, I’ll be glad to give you it. Thanks for the assistance and response.

Well, I could use some extra info, but it may not actually be needed (fix may not depend it) and getting it would be a bit of work:
If I knew all the extra trap entries in the mods, I could try to reproduce it and either confirm it doesn’t happen after my fix or that my fix wasn’t enough.

Still, it may be completely unnecessary, because I rewrote the trap loading system to be more like loading system for everything else. This should fix the problem.

Alright! So I’m back here. And I’m on Windows 10, Version 0.C-21902-g5d32b83eb9 (Tiles) as per usual. Build #6363

And after updating, the issue with my save world has seemingly disappeared! This is fine.

EDIT: Okay. On closer inspection, the bubble wrap bug actually still occurs, but ever since the update.

(And as I have little to no idea how Github works), it seems your commits probably didn’t go through, Cool…? But it occurs on every one of my worlds but saving and quiting via the ESC menu then loading the world back up instantly removes all the bubble wrap.

Maybe that’ll be a lead onto something.

Thanks for your assistance, truly. However. As buggy as I know Defense Mode is, the issue mentioned above with the Raincatchers that happened along side the fixed issue is still existent.

Would you happen to know why this happens or any ideas surrounding that if any? It seems to be the only issue with the mode, and I do play it quite a bit so I’d be grateful if you could also assist with it.

It’s not merged yet. Expect things to be fixed when the green “Open” changes to purple “Merged”.