Item descriptions when installing items on vehicles

When you are installing items on your vehicle the vehicle view leaves you clueless on what anything does. At the bottom you can see few stats for the item you are installing (durability, weight, capacity) but nothing tells you what it is or what it does.

At the bottom there is enough room to fit a short description of the item. While many items are obvious the majority of items need some text to explain things.

Lights should tell how bright they are (enough to read and craft, enough to read well, lits large area, lits conical area)

Weapons should tell what ammo they use and how many rounds they can hold at once.

Utility/other things should tell what they even do and how they interact with other installed items.
security camera- camera control system
water faucet - tanks
muffler(s) - engine(s)
drive by wire controls - remote controller
UPS-recharge station - cargo space

Some of these have helpful item descriptions already but you can’t read those whil you are installing/removing them to/from the vehicle.

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I think this is a great idea, but at the same time I think that the vehicle examination screen is plenty cluttered already. I recently began constructing my first deathmobile (baby deathmobile, maybe) and I found myself confused as to the actual impact of certain pieces.
Specifically, when I removed a muffler from a vehicle, it was in a random place with no engine. But based on your post here, I feel like I’m supposed to install it over an engine . . . maybe?

Same with cameras. All vehicles I’ve found with cameras have weird non-basic ‘controls’ (I don’t remember the name)and it would be great if I could just select that and get an explanation as to when I would need certain parts/where they need to be installed.

Same problem with mirrors, I thought I needed to install a frame in that square before installing. Admittedly, that one wasn’t hard to find out, but it would have been made easier with some additional information.

But I might just be a noob complaining. Still, I like the suggestion.

I’d argue that most of the connections are common sense or could easily be determined based on the description of the item being installed (as far as ammunition for weapons is concerned). Having said that, the entire game is currently horribly inaccessible for new players, so any progress made in making it easier to learn would be really nice.
Thing is, “common sense” is different for everyone, so what makes sense to one person might not to another, and the way it works ingame is probably somewhere between the two.

Thread necromancy here, but this feature has been implemented for both installation and general review. Though I used the right most panel instead of the lower panel.

Any feedback on how useful the descriptions are and what else could be done to make them more useful?