Is there anywhere with an explanation of Vehicle Parts?

Is there any way we could get better explanations of what the various car parts do, either in the game itself or on the item browser?

Why do I want a wooden bolt rack? Where do I install spiked plating? What does a telescopic cantilever actually do?

Will this piece count as an interior wall? Block smell?

You just have to learn by doing and hope that the wiki is helpful.

This isn’t very satisfactory and people should update the wiki to be more helpful. Let me go do some of that.

In my frustration, I failed to clarify the actual suggestion.

It seems like the Chezzo Item site reads the current experimental branch and automatically outputs the data in a readable form. I’d like to suggest implementing a similar function for the vehicle parts.

There’s stuff on this wiki. At the top right is a little menu where you can click to see construction or parts or whatever.

A lot of the part descriptions are anemic. The Muffler doesn’t reference what it actually does and just says ‘not a great weapon’ sort of description.

I think that most things can be easily googled if they’re giving someone trouble, and there’s always the forum here.

I originally misunderstood the purpose of your post, so this received a heavy edit.

I suspect the chezzo item site could be expanded to include vehicle parts. It’s possibly helpful to know that a boom crane is made from the telescopic cantilever part, is a structural item that is mounted next to a frame (instead of one on), can be removed or added with a wrench (I think), and provides Lifting 4 and Jacking 40. You can get that from reading the json, but that’s a little cryptic if you’re not using to reading it.

I don’t know who maintains the item browswer but you may want to make that suggestion to them directly.

Hey guys! Several months ago, I posted this request, and then some brave soul actually went through and added descriptions into the Vehicle screen. At the time, I was using a computer that couldn’t handle the newer versions and so I couldn’t enjoy it.

This week, I got a brand new laptop, and rather than play fancy, graphic-intensive games, I went straight into the latest version of CDDA, entirely so I could enjoy the fruits of their labor. I can’t find the original message from the person who did the work, so hopefully they’re seeing this message here.

Thank you so much for doing that work! It’s REALLY helpful.

There’s been like 400 updates to the game since the last playable version on my old computer. It’s practically playing a brand new game.


You’re welcome, says the brave soul who added vehicle part descriptions.