Is there a message when the game autosaves?

I set autosave to 50 game turns. After I wait for 1 in-game minute, I don’t see any message about saving. How do I know if it really saves, or is 1 game turn not 1 in-game second?

It’s just a hunch but try 300 seconds, it might not have been changed since the game was switched over from a 6 second turn time to a 1 second turn time.

The default is 50 game turns and 5 real minutes. It shows message when it saves every 5 minutes but otherwise shows no message. I think that either the game turn setting doesn’t work or 1 game turn is much longer than we think.

edit: I see! It says it saves on whichever interval that is larger. So if I pass 50 game turns within 5 minutes, it will wait for the 5 minute save.

Could be, like I said, it was just a hunch. You should be getting a normal save game pop up when it saves even if you don’t have a log pop up.

It works as intended. I didn’t read carefully.