Is the NPC are immune stunned from shock damage?

As far as I knew, If the PC are taking shock damage on the electricity cloud, they will stunned in a few turns, and unable to do anyting, but here comes a little weird situation on the NPC,

This is how it happens, one day, I came on the town and try to scavenge few stuff into my car, one NPC has come to me, after a few chat, he started to became neutral at me, and be on the way, but here comes incandescent husk from alley, and it’s block the way, NPC shoot it with a crossbow, but the husk has getting close at him, so the NPC is taking shock damage repeatedly. yet somehow, he can still shooting the bolts at the husk, and not miss a single shot and eventual killing it, not just that, he can’t getting stunned even while taking damage from electricity cloud repeatedly,

NPC somehow immune to getting stunned from the shock damage, and I’m pretty sure, it wont happen on the PC in the same way, cause PC will getting stunned repeatedly untill he/she died, or husk being put down or else, I wonder how much the NPC can immune that PC don’t? So far, the NPC don’t feeling cold or hot, they can running without tried, and they shooting something with a quick aim, and is 100% hitting target, but only in a short range, with no pain ,skill levels or other penalty (or mabye not)???

Combat playstyle is similar to what NPCs do, but not taking “shocked” effect is a bug.