Inventory Screen messed up?

Hello there!

I have a problem with Build #10622
My inventory screen now looks like this

Is this a bug?

That’s nested containers. It means things can be put inside other things, e.g. backpacks now have a dedicated container space for everything dropped inside them as opposed to the previous system where equipping something with storage created a hammerspace that everything could fit into like liquid. It also means you can drop a backpack with everything in it without having to drop the things one-by-one, so it should save some moves.

It was put in place in 10615, I believe but there are still a few bugs with nested containers so if you want to go back to previous inventory system then redownload 10614 or an earlier build.


Ahh, now i get it! A little bit confusing this new typ of inventory.
I hope they tweak a few things to get a better overview of what you are carrying, like catagorys in the advanced inventory screen…

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cash cards are now individual items again, if this is related…

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it is related, and not just the cash cards, but other items like lockpicks too.

the plural item grouping will have to get re-done, then. I’ll give 'em time :slight_smile:

Yeah, let’s say… they got until 18:00, maybe 5 minutes more :grin:

Jokes aside, that’s a remarkable update to the containers in game.

By the way, be careful when dropping containers with liquids in them, I’ve heard that it may spill them (unintentionally).