Intergrated toolset not working properly

windows 7
SDL release
0.C 8384 release
Tried to cut up sheets using B and intergrated toolset on multiple characters not working, using% cut up works using same tool.
Using any other cutting quality one aka a butcher’s knife works with B.
Demitri of fetunchinni

I cannot replicate this bug using the latest version 0.C-8575-gacad6b6. I can cut up sheets using B and the integrated toolset.

Try updating your game and see if it solves the problem.

Upgraded to .8640 still not working until I get a Cutting quality 1 tool apart from the toolset

Not really a bug, just lacking feature.

Cutting quality is for crafting. Toolset has this one.
Cutting up items is an item action. Toolset can’t easily have those due to technical limitations.

so long as it is known.
Demitri of fetunchinni