Intellegent blobs? ARNT WE ALREADY INFECTED?

How you guys look on an right ideas of an factions, like… how about make an alien race, really, not a migo surely, but how about make an intellegent blobs race? Hmm… zombies, zombies are moving by a hostile blobs (also this can make an idea for “anti blob reagent”) what if humans ( or a half) controled by intellegent blobs?

Slimes! slimes are adorable!

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The zombies are intelligent insofar as the cells of your body are intelligent. There doesn’t need to be an intelligent blob race because all the pieces you see are essentially an immune system attacking a piece of gas station sushi (Earth) that the blob has already eaten.

Essentially humanity is far beneath the what an extragalactic intelligence like the blob would take any real notice of.

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