Inside parts of cars should not be visible from dastance

I think its strange that player can see the condition of the engine and fuel tank from the bid distance!
Maybe we should see it only in examination menu?

Tie it to mechanics maybe, but I don’t agree with taking it out entirely.

Besides I assume “major damage” would be visible from outside for many parts.

Yeah, I usually assumed that the level of damage required would generally tear open the chassis and expose the innards of the car. Besides, what use is shifting it to the examination menu only? It doesn’t add anything to the game mechanically.

I have to agree it’s a bit odd that you can see every single vehicle part from a distance. On the other hand it sounds like a tricky thing to get right considering how vehicles are assembled.

Tying it to mechanics could be really good. Even if the character can broadly see what it’s made up of, it’d be great if you could obfuscate what type of engine it is (for instance).

Ooo, clever! Obfuscate the damage level as well, maybe, after all it takes one heckuva mechanic to diagnose the health of an engine from a pat inspection. There might be damage you aren’t aware of, or maybe it looks worse than it is?

What would that mechanic add to the game? It wouldn’t do anything besides slow the game down.

If the whole vehicle system in general was a bit more fleshed out I would probably like it. Probably.

It would add some reasonable difficulty and expand the use of the Mechanics skill, which currently is a bit underutilized. Furthermore, it wouldn’t slow the game down noticeably.