Infinite gasoline from flamethrowers

In one of the recent experimentals, I noticed that unloading a simple flamethrower resulted in a full container of gas, and a still loaded simple flamethrower.


This still exists, but it’s not limited to flamethrowers. I recently unloaded gasoline from a full gasoline lantern (500 gasoline) into an empty plastic bottle (can hold 400 gasoline). The bottle got filled along with the message “there’s some left over” but the lantern still had 500 gasoline…

Nice gasoline from dark matter.

This also seems to apply to lamp oil as well.

And I seem to be getting weird behavior involving trying to pick up a specific number of stuff. When I pick stuff up, I end up picking up the whole stack when I type out and intend to pick up only part of it. (Say 250 batteries out of a stack of 10,000.) I end up picking up the whole stack, but I can still split the stack by dropping the excess number of items (like 9750 batteries out of 10,000.).

Something seems to be off or missed in my experimental when it comes to dealing with stacks (4476, I know, not the latest build).

Edit: Nevermind, me. It seems my stacking issues and infinite lamp oil issues have been fixed in the latest build (4500) and I have just noticed the x64 bit version of the game so I’m giving that a spin. I’m liking the improvement in performance already.

yeah the stacking issue was already noticed and dealt with. I havn’t updated to that yet though. Seem to have missed the infinite fuel mishap though… I think.