Inconspicuous trait question

Hello everyone!

Several days ago I’ve started playing C:DDA. At first I’ve downloaded stable version and after couple of dozens dead characters I’ve made up one who lived long enough and was interesting enough to me. After two in-game years and about 2000 kills (mostly with my RV) I’ve decided to move to experimental and start over with the same character build. And I noticed there no longer was profession I choosed (Poor student) nor one of traits I liked (Inconspicuous). I’ve checked json files with mutations and found said trait there. So here are my questions.

Is Inconspicuous trait actually do anything?
If I add “starting_trait” : true in its entry will I be able to purchase it during character creation?

Inconspicuous was removed since it didn’t actually do anything (not anything, just a very ancient function that didn’t make sense). Back when the trait was still a thing, choosing it would only make it so that NPCs would not spawn near you and I am not even sure if it actually worked properly.

It really does not make any sense. I thought it was supposed to lessen chanses that monsters will notice character. Something similar to Light Step trait.

I hope some day Inconspicuous will return as it should be. Description sound very useful and it’s sad it does not work as described.

I so thought the same but then I red upon it’s function when it’s removal was proposed.

It is unlikely will return in name but maybe in spirit. A trait that allows for monsters to notice you less just by virtue of it’s existence would be neat.

How many points did inconspicuous cost? I like to take light step and weak scent, which makes it a bit harder for monsters to detect you (from scent and sound at least) I guess, making you a bit less inconspicuous. It sounds like those two are what you want and the inconspicuous trait wasn’t actually doing anything for you from the other replies here, so maybe give those a try.

Inconspicuous cost 1 point and I already got Light Step.

The point is I really like the idea of inconspicuous characters. Like some scared teen who can just blend into corner in fear while zombies pass by or to hide in the fridge while they lurk around.

I think this game need more alternative methods to survive in cities.