Inconsistent skill/resource requirement GUI

One thing that always bothers me is the resource requirement for recipes is in the opposite format to the skill requirement.

The skill UI is fine I think. In the below screenshot I have 1/2 cooking - 1 of the required 2 (50% - not enough). I also have 2/1 survival - 2 of the required 1 (200% - more than enough).

The UI for the resources is backwards. It states that of a requirement of 5 I have 14 which is confusing.
In my personal opinion it should be consistent with the skill requirement and read 14/5 - I have 14 of the required 5 (280% - more than enough - I can almost craft this 3 times with no mistakes).

Should it be consistent? Should it remain inconsistent? Thoughts? Opinions?


I’m not going to complain too much about it, but I agree that it’s backwards. Hopefully esotericist - the developer who likes doing these little UI fixes - will come along and fix it at some point.

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I believe it’s supposed to represent "Recipe will consume X of your Y ". It’s not the only thing in the game that’s backwards compared to the rest of it though.

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