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[quote=“secretfire, post:40, topic:8282”]I have generally never had trouble with hordes unless I was being an idiot. If you see a horde, move the other way. If you can’t, then just lure a bunch into a building and set it on fire. Once you have martial up a bit, zombies become less of a problem, especially if you have nightvision of some sort.

I actually kinda wish they were more responsive to noise. Generally, they seem kinda random right now.[/quote]
The current hordes are significantly better than what they were, aka spawn-on-any-noise-so-much-zombies-spawn-freaks-out mode. Literally a few map tiles fully packed with zombies at a time. Now they’re much, much more manageable.

Last I checked, wander spawns had shocker brutes running me down before the first night - indeed, before I’d left the bunker. Unplayable, considering they’re faster than you, thus no chance of escape.

Alternately, hordes off doesn’t make the game any better; bunker-building is rendered pointless since nothing ever attacks, and the game devolves into a skill grind.

It’s been a few months I think since I played. Seems like it should be a simple fix, but I haven’t been watching the devlogs. Has there been any progress made on this?

In my opinion, hordes are one of the most important features that Cata needs so that it ‘works’. Else traps and fortifications becomes rather worthless, which is a shame, cause there is so much content there. Yes, it’s not perfect, and last I heard, the guy who was working on hordes has left the game for the time being. I don’t know what progress is being made, if any at all…

Well, it’s still being worked on (although slowly) and if you want to check progress, look at Cataclysm’s DDA Github page.

Currently it seems that howto hordes is mostly the same as howto dynamic spawns. Both pretty much never stop and sound is your worst enemy.

I personally keep them off since they are just about everywhere. Can’t take a step out of town without being surrounded by them. If one sees you (or hears you if you try to build anything) they all come and park on top of you. Can’t really run from them either since you just run into another horde.

I personally feel that hordes should have a POI where they are headed and they should not start following every branch snap and scatter all over the map. Or if they do detour they should start to continue towards their target if they find nothing of intrest. A lot of games they do that in Cataclysm DDA they just scatter all over the place waiting for player and start haunting player as if he/she owns them everything worth something. Currently its not about “oh god so many of them” but “oh god this is going to be 5 days of 24 hours of killing zombies”.

In my current horde enabled map I do not even see the hordes on map since the main part is so far away but whole country side and town etrance is littered with 5-20 sized mobs on top of cars/animal carasses and alerting just one zombie gets the whole horde moving.

hordes are dangeours but escape and even fightable

when they move at direction of my base i use some loud things outside of base
if zombies manage to get at my base i get outside and create ring of teleports (ring of pits is good too) and use noisemakers to make sure they get at me and not wander around house

fights are long after i am running out of supplies i turn invisiblity on (my best character can have hydraulic muscules and cloak on for 3 days) and go to storage eat drink and heal

is good to prepare some acid for dealing with bodies if your weapons are too weak for pulping them

Anyone with access to acid should have a ton of weapons strong enough to pulp bodies in seconds.
Even with a machete it’s only like 3 turns per corpse.

Anyone with access to acid should have a ton of weapons strong enough to pulp bodies in seconds.
Even with a machete it’s only like 3 turns per corpse.[/quote]
funnel and galon jug are not that end game but for some time i do not see any acid rains for now

Thats because acid rains have been disabled for a quite a while now. I think you can make acid out of water with chemical kilt. Though if you have chemical kit and skill to make acid in great quantities you most likely have weapons.

A zombie horde spawned inside my car and wrecked it from the inside while i wasn t near it.

Damn you teleporting zombies.

[quote=“Valpo, post:50, topic:8282”]A zombie horde spawned inside my car and wrecked it from the inside while i wasn t near it.

Damn you teleporting zombies.[/quote]
Sleeping is for losers!

Really guys? I can deal with hordes if I have a survivor’s machete, a decent wooden weapon (baseball preferably, but quarterstaff until I can find one), okay armor (a good hard hat at least and leather armor if I can craft it.) and some painkillers.

And now at times, various wildlife will now intervene too and take out several zombies without me having to get involved if I don’t want too. The Fungaloid’s that spawned near me are a blessing now since tough zombies can sometimes be converted into fungal zombies which are total pushovers.

The trick really is to get the horde to break off into little chunks if you can. I butcher all of them now if I have a knife on me to stop them from getting back up for good, and to raise my survival skill constantly. Hazmat zombies often add to my collection of plastic, which is nice if I lack space for water.

Hordes tend to be a really useful for dropping all kinds of tools (I think even a stethoscope once), tons of clothing (that can be reduced to rags, leather patches, plastic, Kevlar, Nomex, and the like), tainted bones (which after a while is good for superglue and charcoal if I’m feeling morbid), tainted fat (which can be rendered down into tainted tallow, and then lamp oil. 8 fats = 400 lamp oil, which I can use to cook things now), bionics (provided I can isolate the shocker zombie/brute), occasionally books that I can’t find elsewhere (like “The Art of Glassblowing”), I think there’s more… They seem to drop just about anything really if you kill enough of them. Not sure that I’d trust the antibiotics from them though.

If your character can kill most of zombies without getting a scratch, it becomes tedious to kill and (if you have resurrection of zombie turned on) smash every single corpse. Though making fire and watching them burn is fun.

Really? You don’t butcher every zombie after killing them? It takes like 12 seconds.

Really? You don’t butcher every zombie after killing them? It takes like 12 seconds.[/quote]

Might leave some corpses to bushes/cars etc etc. You won’t see them. Maybe molotov takes couple zombies behind wall and you won’t see corses and carry on only for them to be reanimated.

You have posted excatly the reasons I do not like current hordes: They are tedious. they are NOT dangerous and they drop so much stuff going to towns becomes irrelevant apart from the car parts (which they have miracelously left alone) It’s not about boohoo Hordes too hard, its about I do not want to go on pressing up x 600, B x 600 for just because. Only zombies that require some sort of care are spitters since I have yet to see any higher tier zombies spawn as a part of a horde.

Out of curiosity does increased spawn rate affect horde zombie count?

PS. Really? Could you not figure this out yourself?

PSS. Don’t go rubbing your opinions to how game should be played.

Really? You don’t butcher every zombie after killing them? It takes like 12 seconds.[/quote]
you can butcher pulped corpse and hordes are too big to butchering they resurrect before you kill everyone

I butcher every single zombie in a horde after i killed the shockers and spitters.

The rest dies trying to kill me while i butcher by beeing counterattacked.
melee 2 stronk nerf plox. (not because of the counterattack but because beeing surrounded by z means nothing when wearing armor with 100% coverage)… unless you get stuck in an acid puddle surrounded by z and shocked simultanouesly… thats… kinda cool.

I kill all the zombies in a way that all the corpses pile up on one tile. Then I hold B and butcher them all and shred all the clothes. I take the power CBMs (if any) and set everything else on fire.

You must have a will of steel. I decided to leg it after 2 days of whack a zombie.

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