How to Start? Sorry new

Sorry, but I’m very new and I was recommended this from a friend except they never told me how to start. How exactly do you start playing?

In the main menu when the game starts, go to special and tutorial, the should cover the basics, once you are done, post in tips& trick for newbs thread and ask any question you still have.

That’s the thing. I tried to make an account, but I have no idea what a Backer Key is. What exactly is a Backer Key? Because I couldn’t find what it was.

And does the game start when you have an account logged in?

I have no idea what you are talking about? Backer key? that sounds like something you would get for Starcraft or some sort of pay-for game. Cata is a free sourced game with a mainline that everything gets based around. Just download from the main site and play.

What the above said, Just download the latest experimental Graphical or Console build and run the executable after extracting the files inside to a folder and you’re set! Arrow keys navigate the menu, left/right to move the selection and enter to select. If you need any more help than this go to Tips Tricks and Newb Questions!