How to go idle for a given amount of time?

Hi folks…

Basically there’s something that I need to get off my chest seeing that I can’t seem to resolve this issue without the aid of others… and this issue entails the following:
I’m running version 6.0 of Cataclysm:DDA from what I can tell and whenever I want to go idle for a set period of time by hitting the appropriate key ( in this case, ‘^’ or shift+6 on this keyboard ), nothing happens. Could the key bindings have been modified in this latest version or is it something that I’m not aware of yet?

My character appears to have been cornered in his home by marauding spiders and he is not yet equipped to deal with this sort of threat considering that he’s only armed with a sling and a nailboard… melee skills are also weak at this point. So I’d like to sit out on this one for a couple hours until they have left the premise.

Appreciate the info.

In 0.5 resting was usually done with alt+w, not sure if they changed it.

You can always check or change the binding by hitting ?, then 1.

It’s been changed to |.

Yep, pressing ‘|’ did the trick. Thanks for the assistance, guys!

Time to break into that gun store just down the street… well, after sundown.

Lol, have fun!