How often does the NPC of hub01 refresh the items?

I waited a long time without change.What should i do they will update the item

NPC shopkeepers should update their stock the first time you attempt to trade with them when it has been more than 3 days since their last inventory refresh.

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I assume they don’t need to be in the reality bubble to restock, right? My hub seems to still have the same stuff the day I saw them

You shouldn’t be able to start a trade with an NPC that isn’t in the reality bubble, but if you somehow managed it, they should still restock.

Restocking only changes their personal inventory, not any inventory that they dropped on the floor.

Thank you, I refreshed the product in ten days,So I want to ask if there is any way for me to form a trading market and then I have more options.I want to have a market next to my residence without driving to HUB01 to find the businessman

just open and close the trade menu like 5 times, the intercom gets new items on the 3rd try, i literally met him, did no quests and then he started selling me inactive manhacks and scrambler grenades and power armor