How do you add external mods to mac?

I understand from the wikis that all I have to do is drop the downloaded mod into the mod file, but I play on a mac and I don’t see the file to drop the mod into into. So how do I do it on mac?

As far as I understand it, the way the files and folders are organized for a CDDA install is basically the same for all systems. I don’t use a Mac though, so I don’t know where it would put the content directory.

Once you find the folder with the CDDA files, mods would go into …/data/mods

I found a reddit post with bits of information you might find useful.

Good luck.

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You can also check in /Users/{you}/Library/Application Support/Cataclysm for mods, save, sound directories, too – this doesn’t get messed with if you reinstall/update the game with homebrew, for instance.

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