How do I cheat?

I’m sure this is covered somewhere but since every other post contains the word ‘cheat’ I can’t find it. The wiki says to decommect something in the key binding file but there isn’t anything commented in that file for me. I just want to teleport because the game has bugged and trapped me in a lab with no stairs.

There’s debug menu keybinding in controls.

If I remember correctly, you still won’t be able to teleport out with the debug menu.

You’re stuck underground right? That means you can only teleport into rock.

sometimes you can find stairs under the furniture.

Bind the debug menu in the keybindings, activate the debug menu, then hit the long range teleport, then you can navigate like you can on the map screen and teleport to wherever you want. You used to not be able to long range teleport across z levels, but now you can.

Thanks for the help all. Safely back in my base with a buch of fancy science books.