How do I cancel a craft with the new crafting system?

In the latest experimental when you craft you start a project as an item that you work on. While I can stop at anytime working on it is there a way that doesn’t involve burning, exploding or driving over it that I can get rid of it (preferably where I get the ingredients back)?

I always assumed you could disassemble it, but it seems that that’s not the case.

You cannot. The only way is to complete the crafting, then disassemble the complete product (if it can be disassembled).
It would be weird to start making scrambled eggs, get to 90%, and then recover the bird egg intact!
On the other hand, it should be made possible to recover everything if the process is at 0%

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Agreed, I’ve made some crafting mistakes that I just had to complete so I could get the parts back. Hope they add that in an upcoming experimental.

Hopefully in the future, you can disassemble it into the original components if the finished product can also be disassembled or the craft is at 0%.

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