Crafting junk

One coolstory that occured yesterday.
I was in my bunker when i wanted to craft one precious thing that required scrap metal. I went to the lockers in there and started to deconstruct them. And what i’ve got? Sheet metal and pipes. I thought that no problems, um… &<Fscrap…WHATTHEFUCK. THERE’S NO SCRAP METAL. So, i had to build a locker one more time and smash it. Isn’t that silly?

You could have disassembled the sheet metal into 4 scraps?
Maybe add a dissassembling recipe for pipes too?

I had tried to disassemble, but it didn’t work.

I agree, same thing with scrap electronics…

You can disassemble most metal with a hacksaw in your inventory. No need to have a recipe for the same thing.

You couldn’t possibly craft electronic scraps, you just don’t have the tools necessary to make a modern capacitor, or to print circuits, they are something you have to scavenge for.

Didn’t know about hacksaw…

I am not talking about crafting el. scraps, I am talking about processor board / other things disassembly.

I agree on the electronic scrap thing: