How can i prevent npcs stealing stuff

Im recently enabled random npcs in my world and i heard they can steal your stuff. I want to know if is there a way to prevent that happening other than forcibly swithching their lights off.

Also im in a non-vehicle base.

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Well, you can start by not letting them see your stuff. Then you can try denying them access to your stuff, though preventing them from seeing it is better. After that, you may just have to kill them.

i can’t even build a wall, how do you expect me to do that?

NPCs can’t see items inside containers that block visibility. Basically, if you can see your items when not adjacent to them, so can they. If they can’t see any items, they won’t move toward them. You can also build and seal crates if you want to REALLY lock them down.

Store your stuff indoors and away from open windows would be a start. Board up the windows.

so, they CAN NOT enter by the door?

Of course they can, but the question is whether or not they will. Preventing them from seeing your stuff reduces the chances they’ll go and pilfer your stuff.

If you want to be absolutely sure, though, claim a firehouse. They won’t use the winch to open the door and there are no widows.

Traps around your storage works well. Caltrops are especially nice since they’re small and fairly easy to make. I keep some in my deathmobile so if I decide to park for a while I can block off the entrances and the stow boards that can be reached on the outside.
Oddly the skill reqs for the caltrop recipes look backwards to me. Hammering some wire or nails into caltrops takes fab:3/trap:2 while making them from raw metal in a forge takes fab:2/trap:1. It seems like the first recipe should be easier - caltrops are just a couple bits of wire bent around each other so they point upwards when you toss 'em. It should be easier to bend premade wire/nails than to actually make the wire yourself and then bend it.

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I am curious. Does the “cargo lock” actually work? Can it prevent NPCs from taking stuff out of a trunk that has a cargo lock mounted on it?:thinking:

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If you can store your stuff at one end of the base behind doors closed and put the npcs at the other end behind more doors. Other then that find a way to either lock your stuff in a room or lock the npc in a room

Last time I turned NPCs on, they would make a habit of teleporting into wherever I was - behind locked, trapped & barricaded basement doors, for example - and kill me in my sleep.

I haven’t turned them back on since. :roll_eyes:

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Alarm System CBM to the rescue!

If this still happens, there really should be a way to mark your base which disables all sorts of spawning inside that area.

If I have a stationary base, I do similar to what Mantar said, and put a couple nail board traps in front of the door when I enter and exit.
If I am in a mobile base I just don’t get to close to NPCs without having the means to drive away before they can come and try to loot my vehicle. I just drive close to them and talk to them and try to get them to join, and if they don’t join, I drive away faster than they can run up to me.
If they do end up looting my vehicle somehow, I either kill them or do the mission they want me to do. Then I get them to join me and give it back (they usually will follow you and trade willingly once you do complete the mission).