How can i "Clean Up" them?

[NOTE] I set all mobs HP,Speed doubled. also Wander spawn.
started as tailor, NOT blackbelt.
no bionics,powered armor,SF guns,survivor armor.

I think other citys diffculty isnt that easy than here.
anyway, i get right side of this city (about 13 houses), nowhere else is safe.
(2 mi-gos get my shelter and havin fun at there)

already used 2 cars for them, but hard to smash these corpses as zombie hordes want to hug when my car broken.
seems if i can get zombie master and 2 brutes,no more problem at here.

any tips for me? of course not debug abuse.

My tips are going to be pretty standard fare for any Cataclysm playthrough.

Even without survivor armor clearing out large groups of zombies are possible.

  • Try to separate the zombies into small groups. Go towards the horde and once a single Z becomes pink ( as in, a zombie spots you ) go towards one of the houses and dispose of the zombie using windows and furniture so you can have more rounds whilst the zombie has much less ( which is gonna help a lot since you have double speed ). Alternatively, use pits.
  • Traps. These are really helpful. You have no idea how effective an X of nailboard traps can be. Bear traps are also great as they stop a zombie in their tracks. Use a spear and you can pretty much kill any zombie without being hit back, which again, thanks to your zombies having 200% HP is very useful.
  • Do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to kill the Zombie Master and destroy his body. Those will turn a brittle group of common zombies into a nightmare army that can kill even HS gear players with ease.

Fire. Works very well at night, just light a whole house up and the light from the flames as well as the crashing sounds as the building collapses draws them all in to their deaths. You can also shout and kite them toward the burning building.