Hotkey for repairing vehicles

I recall that in older experimentals, you could hold down the r key to automatically keep repairing your vehicle.
Instead of having to hit r and then select 1, 2, etc to pick out a certain tool to use, the 1 option would be replaced by an r, which helped with the tedium.
Could we get this feature back to reduce tedium? Thoughts?

Although, to be fair, it could break intended balance by removing some of the real time and work it takes to maintain our vehicles.

You CAN still get away with pressing and holding ‘r’, but you have to make sure that your intended repair tool is the only one around. So toss out your acetylene torches and disable your Integrated Toolset, and you can repair with vehicle welding rig non-stop.

Obviously most of us would want to use the welding rig if it exists. So I think we’d need a true/false setting such as “Always use welding rig for car repairs if available”.