Home Exercise Bike / Lab?

Figured I would ask about the basics before spending the multiple days in game trying to test build this idea.

I’ve got an NPC and a fairly secure location surrounded by an unusual number of motorcycles, bikes, electric scooters and electric cars. Absolutely no solar paneled cars nearby me, which is what has me thinking along these lines.

Can I make a viable base lighting system using muscle power? Presumably, the overhead dome light would use less power than a floodlight. If I install a second seat with foot pedals, will my ally help generate power?

Is there any point in putting an electric motor (of any kind) into that exercise bike/crafting station? My understanding is that it would be counter productive.

Not sure how viable it is in terms of how much pedalling you’d have to do to keep the lights on, but that’s a common early-game power solution.

The dome light doesn’t use much power, but it’s also weak as hell. You should probably consider putting in an aisle tile and an aisle light, which lights up a decent area without much power use. Floodlights use quite a lot of power, so don’t bother with those.

One mod, not sure which one, lets you install an electric motor as a generator. I’m not sure about the efficiency numbers, but it’s probably better than using alternators.

I’ve been tinkering around with bikes and scooters in my local cataclysm area recently, including making a stationary generator.

I think you can charge about 5000 units of energy( 2 car batteries) in about an hour of peddling.

As for the motor, I think it’ll just consume power rather than add any. I’m fairly sure you can’t add an alternator to an electric motor as well. I never checked to see if you could add a generator to an electric motor, but I’ll go out on a limb and say it wont let you either.

I think he meant there was a mod which added a generator vehicle part using an electric motor (which would be realistic IMO).

Another janky way of getting light is to find a turret and set it up. They throw a lot of light and need no power input. Plus, they’ll shoot at things for you. Not quite early game though.

When I set up my base I normally use aisle lights. 2 or 3 solar panels can keep it running pretty much indefinitely, even through the day.

NPCs can’t pedal at the moment.
For best efficiency, slap the biggest alternator on the pedals. Adding more than one will decrease efficiency.

This was the info I was looking for! Thank you all for the input.