Help - display problem

I’m not sure how this happened. When I am looking at the game screen no buildings have roofs, I can see the layout and contents of all buildings.

I think I may have accidently hit the key I have mapped to the debug menu but that still doesn’t explain this.

Edit - nevermind this. I am an idiot and didn’t realize that I accidentally spawned an clairvoyance artifact.

do you have the kitty? they can do many err miracles :slight_smile:
random keyboard combo, you know…
well - search and dropoff that artifact - it is easy :slight_smile:

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I actually do have a cat. She has found many keyboard shortcuts that I was unaware of but not this one.


life often shows that life - thing not such simple as she seems. however, she often proves that she and not such difficult as we to ourselves invent her.