Harvest data defined without examine function

0.C Experimental 6447, or 0.C gdbf94ea324, if that helps more. It’s SDL version, and I’m using Windows 10.

I just got the latest experimental a few minutes ago, and it started reporting this error at world generation:

DEBUG : Harvest data defined without examine function for nothing
FUNCTION : virtual void map_data_common_t::check() const
FILE : src/mapdata.cpp
LINE : 1096

It says the same “Harvest data defined without examine function for…” for what appears to be every structure in the game, including things that can’t be crafted, like the fungal bed. It also says it a total of four times for every structure.

What does this mean, and will it prove to be an issue when playing the game?

Same to me, just updated and bumped into that. Had to hold Space to start the game in few minutes while skipping all the tiles available in game in this message.

You can press “i” or “I” to skip all of them, and ignore future occurrences of them, but I want to know whether it will cause issues when playing.

Just pushed the fix, thanks to AMurkin.
Sorry about the inconvinience, this was a side effect of a big fix that landed recently.