Hallucination flavor

"The zombie scientist disappears."
That’s not very verbose, now is it? Come on, hallucinations. Gimme your best shot!

“The zombie scientist turns inside out and lets out a horrifying scream. It then disappears.”
“The dermatik seems to be strobing. You can’t quite focus your vision on it.”
“Your shadow seems to be dancing.”
“The giant mosquito transforms into your former co-worker, Kurt Saunders.” (Alternate use for NPCs. Oh boy!)
“Kurt Saunders scolds you! You feel bad.”
“Kurt Saunders is calling you names!”
“Kurt Saunders gasps for air and evaporates. You feel better.”

You know, fun stuff. Profession could also come into play, giving you more reason to explore different characters.
I’m sure we’ve got some decent writers on here. Hint hint, wink wink. Flavor it up!

I nominate Grif for the flavor text. Because Grif.

Possibly some inspirational reading.

I’m working on it.

But there will need to be hard-code changes to the source for flavor text. So far, I’ve got new hallucination monsters, and an idea to twist mi-go speech code to fit the changes as needed, but I’m not sure if it will work.

"type" : "MONSTER", "id" : "mon_hallu1", "name": "giant bat", "species":"HALLUCINATION", "symbol":"W", "color":"black", "size":"MEDIUM", "material":"flesh", "diff":0, "aggression":100, "morale":100, "speed":100, "melee_skill":3, "melee_dice":0, "melee_dice_sides":0, "melee_cut":0, "dodge":0, "armor_bash":0, "armor_cut":0, "item_chance":0, "luminance":0, "hp":5, "special_freq":20, "death_function":"DISAPPEAR", "special_attack":"DISAPPEAR", "description":"Dear God, it's spotted us.", "flags":["SEES", "HEARS", "NO_BREATHE", "SMELLS"] },{ "type" : "MONSTER", "id" : "mon_hallu2", "name": "injured bird", "species":"HALLUCINATION", "symbol":"W", "color":"white", "size":"MEDIUM", "material":"flesh", "diff":0, "aggression":100, "morale":100, "speed":100, "melee_skill":3, "melee_dice":0, "melee_dice_sides":0, "melee_cut":0, "dodge":0, "armor_bash":0, "armor_cut":0, "item_chance":0, "luminance":0, "hp":5, "special_freq":20, "death_function":"DISAPPEAR", "special_attack":"DISAPPEAR", "description":"It needs help. Why didn't you help it?", "flags":["SEES", "HEARS", "GUILT", "SMELLS"] },{ "type" : "MONSTER", "id" : "mon_hallu3", "name": "pills", "species":"HALLUCINATION", "symbol":"!", "color":"white", "size":"MEDIUM", "material":"flesh", "diff":0, "aggression":10, "morale":100, "speed":10, "melee_skill":0, "melee_dice":0, "melee_dice_sides":0, "melee_cut":0, "dodge":0, "armor_bash":0, "armor_cut":0, "item_chance":0, "luminance":0, "hp":5, "special_freq":20, "death_function":"DISAPPEAR", "special_attack":"DISAPPEAR", "description":"Pills? Pills!", "flags":["SEES", "HEARS", "GUILT", "SMELLS"] },{ "type" : "MONSTER", "id" : "mon_hallu4", "name": "The Raccoon", "species":"HALLUCINATION", "symbol":"R", "color":"white", "size":"MEDIUM", "material":"flesh", "diff":0, "aggression":100, "morale":100, "speed":100, "melee_skill":3, "melee_dice":0, "melee_dice_sides":0, "melee_cut":0, "dodge":0, "armor_bash":0, "armor_cut":0, "item_chance":0, "luminance":0, "hp":5, "special_freq":20, "death_function":"DISAPPEAR", "special_attack":"PARROT", "description":"It appears godlike, staring into your soul.", "flags":["SEES", "HEARS", "GUILT", "SMELLS"] },{ "type" : "MONSTER", "id" : "mon_hallu5", "name": "Tree Cop", "species":"HALLUCINATION", "symbol":"7", "color":"green", "size":"MEDIUM", "material":"flesh", "diff":0, "aggression":100, "morale":100, "speed":100, "melee_skill":3, "melee_dice":0, "melee_dice_sides":0, "melee_cut":0, "dodge":0, "armor_bash":0, "armor_cut":0, "item_chance":0, "luminance":0, "hp":5, "special_freq":20, "death_function":"DISAPPEAR", "special_attack":"FEAR_PARALYZE", "description":"They're here! They're watching you...", "flags":["SEES", "HEARS", "GUILT", "SMELLS"] },{ "type" : "MONSTER", "id" : "mon_hallu6", "name": "God", "species":"HALLUCINATION", "symbol":"G", "color":"white", "size":"MEDIUM", "material":"flesh", "diff":0, "aggression":100, "morale":100, "speed":100, "melee_skill":3, "melee_dice":0, "melee_dice_sides":0, "melee_cut":0, "dodge":0, "armor_bash":0, "armor_cut":0, "item_chance":0, "luminance":0, "hp":5, "special_freq":20, "death_function":"DISAPPEAR", "special_attack":"PARROT", "description":"The Almighty One.", "flags":["SEES", "HEARS", "GUILT", "SMELLS"] },{ "type" : "MONSTER", "id" : "mon_hallu7", "name": "Jesus", "species":"HALLUCINATION", "symbol":"J", "color":"white", "size":"MEDIUM", "material":"flesh", "diff":0, "aggression":100, "morale":100, "speed":100, "melee_skill":3, "melee_dice":0, "melee_dice_sides":0, "melee_cut":0, "dodge":0, "armor_bash":0, "armor_cut":0, "item_chance":0, "luminance":0, "hp":5, "special_freq":20, "death_function":"DISAPPEAR", "special_attack":"PARROT", "description":"The Saviour of Man, standing in front of you.", "flags":["SEES", "HEARS", "GUILT", "SMELLS"] },{ "type" : "MONSTER", "id" : "mon_hallu8", "name": "demon", "species":"HALLUCINATION", "symbol":"D", "color":"red", "size":"MEDIUM", "material":"flesh", "diff":0, "aggression":100, "morale":100, "speed":100, "melee_skill":3, "melee_dice":0, "melee_dice_sides":0, "melee_cut":0, "dodge":0, "armor_bash":0, "armor_cut":0, "item_chance":0, "luminance":0, "hp":5, "special_freq":20, "death_function":"DISAPPEAR", "special_attack":"FEAR_PARALYZE", "description":"It wants your soul. You probably shouldn't oblige it.", "flags":["SEES", "HEARS", "GUILT", "SMELLS"] },{

Pretty generic stuff, but I’m not feeling creative right now.

[quote=“TheGrifter, post:4, topic:4988”] "description":"Dear God, it's spotted us.", [/quote]

There’s a big machine in the sky, some kind of electric snake, coming straight at us!

Is Dad in already? I know Mom is. If not, he should be. Parental hilarity ensues!

“Did you clean the drains?”
“Hey, I’m talking to you!”
“You’re not going out looking like that.”
“Oh dear, I’m telling your father/mother.”