Hey dose gress regrow i know there is a metric shit ton of it but im just curious

This is the best post ever.

I think they don’t, though? It’d be pretty great though. And to have a “covered in vegetation” tile for other stuff, like grass slowly creeping into buildings and stuff. It would make burning easier and make you tangle and fall sometimes, if running.

Also it would look beautiful as hell in tilesets, if done well and if it’d had a different image for floor and walls, for vision clarity.

I totally went out of topic.

well they have fugus bullshit why not have the same for plants

Kinda makes me think it would be really neat to see like vegetation and over growth of plants in towns as time passes by. Kind of simulating the aging of the world. But It would be impossible, especially because of the reality bubble. :frowning:

Actually, reality bubble wouldn’t be a problem here. Simulation of overgrowth would probably happen the moment the submap is loaded into bubble.

I thought this post was going to be about weed ingame. I need to get my head out of the whiskey bottle.

No, as far as I am aware grassy tiles are as static as dirt as rock as trees as water. Which makes no damn sense, honestly. Regrowth might happen over time the same way zombies evolve over time. Occasional checks, update some tiles spawned. Done wrong it’d be a lagbomb, done right it’d be a minor visual perk unless you were a cow mutant, in which case it would be a lunch perk.

Then I look out at my unkempt lawn and realize patchy shitty dirt/grass tiles would be more likely to shift around over time, rather than consistently overgrow with grass altogether. Or maybe my lawn is just that fucked up, can’t be sure.

Pretty sure having grass/dirt become snow in the winter, then randomly grass/dirt in the spring would not be all that heavy nor all that hard to write. The system for underbrushes is similar, we’d only need to alter mapgen to generate snow in the winter.

I forgot about snow. This is hilarious to me. You have a point!

Does this mean we can build igloos and melt snow for water?

Would this mean collecting snow would destroy the grass, too?
You could fix that if it only meant changing it back to grass and if you leave the reallity-bubble and enter it again it would be snow again.

We could either have snow work as a furniture (like ash or rubble) or as terrain (like grass/dirt). Making it work as a field is out (fields are expensive).

If it was a furniture, removing snow wouldn’t touch the grass/dirt underneath. Snow could also cover pavements. It couldn’t share a tile with ash, rubble, furniture, tents etc. and would prevent moving furniture around.

If it was a terrain, removing it would have to revert the terrain into something. This something would probably be dirt. Then we’d have both dirt and snow randomly turn into grass in the spring.

why not do both have thin snow and thick snow that way you get the best of both worlds, thin snow replaces grass ect but think snow well i think of a big pile of snow you can dig up for eather garbage or snow its self

Thought about it, but it would probably still be all terrain or all furniture.
Having to handle separate snow furniture and terrain would be double the work with more than double the chance of mistakes.

I’d say do both light snow and heavy snow as furnitures.
But add a flag (and the infrastructure to use it) to light snow so as to allow moving other furniture over it. Hmm, i guess this would have to allow furnitures to coexist in a tile… bit of a bother… scratch this but let us easily clear light snow. How about automatic clear when a vehicle or other furniture passes over snow??

Also heavy snow tiles should have a bigger move cost than light snow.

Snow should be dependent on weather in and out of the reality bubble.
Out’s easy, as the current weather should generate/clear snow level in tiles at submap load.
But inside the bubble will be expensive, correct? Maybe implementing a “slow” handling of reality bubble would work?
Like serially processing only one-two tiles per turn, until all the bubble has been processed and we start over?