Give cough syrup in this game recreational value

I’m new to the game, and the only cough syrup ive run across is dayquil, which is a partially dxm-based syrup. A 300mg dose of DXM provides feelings similar to being drunk on alcohol, while doses at the 700mg+ range result in intense hallucinations and feelings of disassocation for over 13 hours.

I’m talking a lot, basically, is it possible to add a feature that allows me to down a bottle or two of dayquil to trip face in game? Fake NPCs/Enemies/Units can spawn to simulate hallucinations or something.

We already have Schizophrenia. What could be more fun is DXM ‘dose’ levels. One dose, suppresses coughs, two doses, drowsy, three-5 doses, pain relief and drowsiness, 5 doses, the effects go into the schizophrenic territory.

I hope this never gets added , but drugs should cause some hallucination effects , so it’s not a free upgrade to all stats plus super high focus with a very low chance of addiction if you overshoot with few crystals or pills.