Github: how to sync repositories?

I forked the repository a while ago and I can’t figure out how to properly sync it with the baseline.

I created a pull request from the baseline to my fork and merged it but it now says that my fork “is 1 commit ahead of CleverRaven:master”. This seems wrong. I can’t undo it either.

Any help I can find refers me to the use of git command-line utility, but I do not use git locally. And even if I started, I would still need to fix the problem. Must I delete my fork and create it anew?

As far as I recall it goes like this:

[ol][li]Fork on github[/li]
[li]git clone[/li]
[li]Set up an upstream branch with git remote add upstream[/li]
[li]To update: git pull upstream master[/li]
[li]To update own branch: switch to it with git checkout branchname, then git merge master[/li]
[li]Push own branch to fork’s repo with git push -u all or git push -u origin branchname, or if you’ve done one of those before, just git push[/li][/ol]

So I can’t do it without installing git on my system?

You can try the github git application or some other git distribution (nothing online I’m afraid). The steps should be similar.
Though having a minimal git environment is very useful, especially on windows which doesn’t come with a good file search application.

Yeah it won’t let me push because “Updates were rejected because the remote contains work that you do not have locally”. Guess I shouldn’t have tried to sync by creating a pull request from CleverRaven/master to my fork/master.

Alright, I’m deleting my fork and re-creating it then.