Question about compiling source code


I downloaded most recent version of dda from github today and compiled it by codeblocks method and everything was going fine but when i luched the game it still says that this is 0.A witch is the stable realese. Is it ment to say 0.A but it’s most current version or is it wrong?
Thanks for any replies !

PS Dont bother my english buecause its not my main language :slight_smile:

Yup, 0.A is correct.

you got it compiled with code:blocks?
i thought it couldn’t compile it… and actually i tried to once, and failed.

Assuming you properly built from a clone of github it would still say .A, it’ll just then have a string of digits/letters that tells you exactly what commit it is based off of. The .A thing only updates at the stable release, so it’ll still say .A until the next stable comes out.