Getting wet in vehicle with roof

The topic says it all, I get wet when I read or do some actions (reading, for example), but don’t get wet if I manually take turns to spend time. Really weird.

I’m running build 9271.

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Are the other tiles enclosed? Every adjacent tile must also have a roof or be an impassible vehicle tile like a board, window, or closed door.

Is/was it raining? Are there any water sources nearby?
Have you tried using a towel to dry off and then attempt to replicate this? Otherwise it should noted that wetness isn’t immediately removed after exposure, and takes time to dry off.

Enclosed, it’s a 3x4 tile heavy duty roof (I checked, all of them are with roof), being on grass in rain, no other water sources nearby, vehicle tiles below are also enclosed. I have quarter panels around it, but that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

I can replicate this anytime, when it is raining/drizzle etc. and just reading a book in the middle of the vehicle, or any tile in the vehicle in matter of fact and I get wet like a woman.

Heh. Not gonna say…what you think I’m gonna say. Just gonna have myself a little chuckle.

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